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    engavant is a consulting in Engineering.

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    A team made up of professionals with wide international experience.

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    A team made up of professionals with wide international experience.

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    Committed with progress.

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    Oriented to provide successful solutions.

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    Aiming for the top.

How we work

We believe in people
Entrepreneurship powers the progress
We help you to give shape to your ideas
Commintment with our Clients.
Their success is our success



Vision & values

Engineering solutions

engavant Engineering Solutions
arose with the goal to help your projects,
bringing expertise along the whole process.
Engineering solutions
engavant personlized approach is intended to understand your needs adn help you to face your challengs, relieved by a rigurous work oriented to your goals.
We look to enrich your projects so your results will become a synonimous of success.

engavant team has a wide international experience in many sectors of industry and consultancy. 
We offer you our knowledge to develop specific task of your projects, adding value to you activities.

Custom projects

engavant would like to enlarge the horizonts of your company:
we invite to develope your ideas and help you to embody them into well defined projects.
Custom projects
engavant is a customer-driven engineering consulting, aiming to provide you with the solution that you are looking for and you need.
We support the development of your projects by performing some activities and giving you a continuous feed back intended to reach a suscessful solution.

We are committed to our Clients and wish to offer them new business prospects.

Vision and values

engavant wants to be a partner and a real engine of development.
For this reasons our actuations are driven by the following premises:
Vision and values

Proximity and personalized relationship

to get to know your product, needs, priority and worries, so to offer you the best sevice to achive your goals.

Oriented knowledge

to customize our developments, optimize sinergies, propose you an innovationg approach and open new possibilities to your business.

International network

of consultancy to offer your the best service and facilitate the entry of your product to new markets.

Quality technical support

to your activities and monitoring along the project to add value to your product and reach a successful result.


to people, society, local development, Environment, Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency.


engavant is a consulting in Engineering.




+ analysis



engavant proposes three standard models for collaboration

Engineering and consultancy

Project management

Turnkey projects

Mechanical design

engavant has a multidisciplinar team in mechanical design, with international experience in sectors of Energy, Renewable Energies and Transportation (Rail, Automotive and Aeronautical).
diseño mecánico
Conceptual components design and development
Design improvement to satisfy manufacturing restrictions
3D model generation out of drawings
Drawings and documentation
Preparation of technical specifications
Equipment and system integration
Suppliers search, management and supervision
Design criteria for series manufacturing
Cost assessment
Construction of prototypes
Fabrication supervision and design reingeenring
Metals and composite
Artificial vision
Interiorism and illumination

Simulation and analysis

engavant team can work with the main software packages of simulation.
In addition we can propose the use of OpenFoam codes and customized developments.
simulación y análisis

Research, development and innovation

engavant's team is fimrly convinced of the importance of reasearch, innovation and development of new solutions.
We believe this is now the right bet to ensure a better future.
It is in this spirit that engavant is involved in technological developments and collaborates with other companies as a partner in the implementation of custom simulation tools and appliactions for specific problems.


Commercial software often do not offer exactly what you need or how you need it.
Or they may have too many capacities with no interest for a particular user, and still make them expensive...
If the worst comes to the worst that will lead to unaffordable investment for your company. However, you can give a valuable service to you client without renouncing to the power of simualation.
engavant offers custom software codes in different languages fully adapted to your need and resources:

Scientific software

Development of simulation codes based on Open Source.
integration of turbulence model,
fluid-structure interaction.

Programming languages

C, C++, Fortran, MatLab, Simulink...

Customized informatic applications

Code development, interfaces, servers and licenses management

Virtual Reality

Multisupport and multicontents for mediacal applications, engineering design and games.

International expansion

engavant Engineering Solutions,
joints vocation of service to international spirit
exp. internacional
engavant is strongly positioned in France, with privilige access to this powerful industrial market in the European Energy, Aeronautics nd Transport sectors… This is also a prioritary entrance ot other countries.

engavant offers an entrance to South East Asia throuhg a competitive country as Vietnam,
with a determined focus on industrialization and renewable energies as result of a policy committed with the needs of the country (Vietnam Development Report 2014 y United Nations One Plan 2012-2016).

We are currently growing in other emerging countries where we can act as your front office to export and/or manufacture your products and develope the necessary commercial liasons.

Renewable Energy

Committed with the future of the Planet through clean energies.
energías renovables

Thechnical designs developed for the Wind and Sun sectors.

Involved in projects and technical developments for the alternative use of Wind and Sea energies

Energy efficiency

Implementation of advanced solutions, addressed to optimise compsumtion and cost reduction.
eficiencia energética

Projects addressed to reduce energy compsumtion and cost:

Indusctrial process
Energy generation and transportation
Energy systems

"Design and implementation of advance systems for energy management:

Design, monitoring and dynamic optimization of cogeneration systems.
CFD analysis for the condition of singular building: selection of enclouse surfaces, sealings, combined solutions with use of natural effects.
Compsution reduction by optimized selection of equipments and passive elements"

Portfolio engavant

Some of the engavant projects.

CFDs for concrete towers for wind turbines

CFD analysis with fluid-structure interaction (FSI)
Concrete towers for wind turbines
Project description:

CFD analysis to support the design of the PACADAR precast concrete towers for wind turbine

Details and objetives:
Our Client:

Spanish company pioneer in the use of precast concrete in large structures at currently a worlwide top company with plants in Europe, America and Asia.

Erection of a precast concrete 110 m tower for a 2MW wind turbine (Cádiz, Spain)

Hydroelectrics: electrical generator poles

Audit of the calculation reports and structural analysis of the assembly
Hydroelectrics: electrical generator poles
Project description:

engavant is requested to audit the calculation reports and other information provided by our cuestomer's supplier. Assumptions and consistence of results are reviewed. New analysis are performed based on the information provided by the Client. The impact of mesh, definition of contacts and the uncertainty of some parameters not defined by the supplier.

Details and objetives:
This study gives our Client technical understanding and critical knowledge to support the commertial negotiation with supplier.

High speed trains equipments

Structural design and validation under diverse international normatives.
High speed trains equipments
Project description:

Design and analysis of equipments for train units such as frames and chassis, tanks, cabinetes… Studies are conducted under the relevant international regulation and Client's specific technical especifications in Europe, America and Asia.

Static and dynamic analyses of structures in steel and aluminum. Detailed analysis of weld and bolted joints.

Details and objetives:
Our Clients has the validation of dessing according to especifications.
Images partially shown due to confidentiality reasons.

Air conditioning and comfort

Study of passengers areas and thermal environment for equipments
Air conditioning and comfort
Project description:
Modelling and thermal CFD analysis for the design of impulsion systems. Evaluation of temperature, pressure, velocity and distribution of flows.
Details and objetives:
Assessment of the parameters of comfort of the cabins and passengers areas in trains and trainways by evaluating the temperature and velocity fields to respect the values prescribed by the regulations for all working and environmental conditions.
Analysis of ventilation: location of inlets and outlets and thermal environment for the sensitive equipments. Optimization of the heat dissipation.
Application areas:
The scope of these projects also includes industrial plants and enclouseres, and civil buildings.

Wind turbine aeroelastic models

Wind Farm Life Extension
Project description:
Development of functional of wind turbines aeroelastic models for load studies and performance evaluation.
Successfully validated for different technologies with control tuning for different strategies and operation modes.
Open code or licensed software.
Life Time Extension of Wind Farms:
Agile method for evaluating the wind farms life at contained cost. Tool to swiftly know the status of your parks and make a first decision based on your life extension strategy (LTE). We accompany you through the different phases of the LTE process.
Specific Training:
Ask us for information about our tailor-made courses.

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